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Number of nights: 7
Number of days: 8
Number of persons: 2 Validity:
From 11.11.2013
To 20.12.2013
Hotel Pacifik
for 2 persons:

29680 CZK
(approx. 1187.2 EUR)

Package Shiatzu wellness and relaxation:
7x accommodation in double room with half board, basic input and output medical examination, final medical report, drinking cure. Therapeutic procedures: 3x mineral bath with a dry wrap, 3x mud wrap, 3x classical partial massage, 3x dry CO2 gas bath,2x therapeutic exercise, 3x paraffin wrap, 1x Shiatzu massage.

Conditions: Arrival can be any day of the week subject to availability. (For an additional fee you can request other types of rooms).

Hotel Pacifik Marianske Lazne: The hotel Pacifik was built at the beginning of the 20th century (1905) later but more monumental than the others. Its owner was the very famous and also very rich Mr. Ott, who did not want to be frugal on the building. Presently the hotel has undergone a distinct reconstruction and modernisation, which has not reduced its historic charm. If you like beautiful views, visit the dominant of the spa road of the town of Mariánské Lázně. More about Hotel Pacifik ...

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