HOTEL Jurkovicuv dum LUHACOVICE - Spa on trial

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Number of nights: 2
Number of days: 3
Number of persons: 2 Validity:
From 01.05.2016
To 02.10.2016
Hotel Jurkovicuv Dum
for 2 persons:

9120 CZK
(approx. 364.8 EUR)

Package Spa on trial:
2x accommodation with breakfast
CZK 500 deposit for OTC
spa treatments of your choice
or doctor

Conditions: Length of stay is at least two days. Stay is possible in any day from Sunday to Friday (not from Saturday to Monday). Over the weekend (Friday - Sunday) is possible only stay Spa minimum. Financial advance procedures must be exhausted. Award procedures beyond the financial backup suffers client in cash according to the valid price list.

Hotel Jurkovicuv Dum Luhacovice: A gem among our Spa Hotels, located in the heart of the spa's pedestrian zone, offering excellent convalescence opportunities in a stylish atmosphere. More about Hotel Jurkovicuv Dum ...

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