HOTEL Smetana LUHACOVICE - Stays for seniors

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Number of nights: 7
Number of days: 8
Number of persons: 2 Validity:
From 02.10.2016
To 13.11.2016
Hotel Smetana
for 2 persons:

15890 CZK
(approx. 635.6 EUR)

Package Stays for seniors:
7x accommodation with half board
1x doctor prescription treatments
5x spa treatment (1 large and 4 small procedure)
daily drinking treatment

BONUS for regeneration Respiratory
5x inhalations of mineral water (individual)


Hotel Smetana Luhacovice: A unique art nouveau style hotel, favoured due to its unique 1930s atmosphere. This luxurious hotel is located in the beautiful, quiet spa park; this pleasant environment complements the unique Art Nouveau hotel atmosphere. More about Hotel Smetana ...

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