Quality Time With Family: From Prague to Miami

quality time miami

It is a joy for every family to be able to travel together and to discover new and amazing places. Coming from a closely-knit family, I have learned to value genuine family time. Most of my fondest memories are spent with my family – my parents, my sister who’s only a year and a half older than me, and our eldest brother. 

Family Time in Prague

 My sister and I used to walk around Stromovka, a massive park in Prague that’s packed with trees and hills. It is located close to a nice and rich neighborhood which is one of the reasons why we love to hang out there. We would see people walking their dogs, families having picnics during the summer months, or a pretty-looking couple downing cool beers. The park also has small lakes where people love to sit by while feeding ducks. During the spring and summer months, my whole family and I would constantly be on the park’s exhibition grounds to watch local performers or to witness various events. 

Another unforgettable family experience I had in Prague was when my brother earned his first paycheck. He treated our entire family to a Vltava River Cruise wherein we can view Prague’s amazing historical buildings and landmarks from different angles while enjoying dinner and wine. My father did the same thing after earning his promotion. He treated us to a more extravagant Prague Crystal Dinner Cruise. 

Family Time in Miami

Signing up for an internship program here in Miami is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. My family had the chance to visit me during my internship break which gave me the perfect opportunity to show them around. We rented a 2-bedroom ocean-front condominium unit in Sunny Isles Beach which has a direct view of the ocean. We stayed on the 10th floor and the balcony offered the perfect place to relax and just enjoy the view. My parents loved the unit so much that they spent a lot of time sitting on the balcony, having wine, and watching the ocean. 

My brother had the time of his life enjoying the beach and trying out various water sports. I took my sister to Aventura Mall which is probably the best place to shop for luxury brands while my parents enjoyed the fine restaurants and coffee shops around the vicinity. I wanted to show my family how it’s like to live in Miami – the fun people, the nice weather, and the great places to visit. It may not be the kind of life and environment that I’ve grown accustomed to in Prague but it sure gave me a heightened level of experience. Being this close to world-class beaches and living in a modern community excites me. 

fun miami
Miami hotspots.

Partying in Miami

I took my two siblings to some of the great bars and party places in Miami where they got the chance to meet some new people. My brother had the rare chance to score a date for two consecutive nights while my sister and I struggled to find single/unattached decent men. We just laughed at the whole idea about everyone having a date except for us. 

I was also trying to convince her to come and live with me in Miami and even suggested the idea of finding her a local single man who might just give her a reason to stay. To trigger her interest, I teased her about calling the free chat lines where she can instantly meet an attractive and single man from nearby and can perhaps make her vacation more interesting. I gave her the site and allowed her to play with the idea. She was quite amused about the possibility of meeting a single guy in Miami who might measure up to her standards. And, I was half hoping she could give it a try and really (miraculously) find somebody who might just give her a reason to stay for a little more while.

Parting Time

The night before my family’s flight back to Prague, I made sure that we all have a nice and memorable family dinner. We decided to dine at Timo Restaurant while enjoying a quiet and intimate family conversation. We talked about our next plans and they convinced me to spend the next holidays back home in Prague. I expressed how happy I am to be able to spend quality time with them in a different place and in a much different environment. Family is indeed everything.