The Best of Miami in Luxury, Comfort, and Style

sexy miami view

Miami, FL is considered one of the world’s best vacation spots. It features sandy beaches, posh restaurants and cafes, a lot of outdoor and water activities, and exciting shopping opportunities.

Anyone who visits this exciting city would love to experience the trendy and hip nightlife of South Beach. And for those who prefer a more relaxing and laid-back experience, Miami also offers cultural spots, museums, and extravagant hotels.

I’ve always been fascinated by the luxurious side of this city. It would be extremely wonderful to take a peek at the multi-million dollar properties and huge estates once owned by famous celebrities and personas. Who wouldn’t want to set foot on LeBron James’ former Coconut Grove home or on Floyd Mayweather’s Sunny Isles Condo?

And how can I forget to mention Matt Damon’s elegant Miami Beach Home and Tommy Lee Jones’ Polo Estate which are now listed and up for grabs for millions of dollars? 

Miami is a City Designed for All Ages 

There are many factors that make Miami so appealing for people of all ages besides the luxury it offers. For the young, it seems to be the perfect place to enjoy youth especially with all the fun beaches, great water activities, and endless parties.

For the elderly, Miami offers the perfect weather that’s ideal for the joints and aging muscles; plus the laid-back atmosphere offers the perfect setting to enjoy the retirement age, and not to mention the world-class medical benefits. 

For people who want to start a family or purchase a family home, Miami offers a whole lot of residential properties depending on specific budget requirements. There are single-dwelling homes, townhouses, and condo units among many other options.

It is quite easy to find Miami discounted properties if you’ll look closely enough. In fact, owning a property in Miami, or anywhere else in Florida for that matter, could be a wise and practical investment for anyone. Florida is, in fact, one of the states where you can enjoy tax advantages. 

For people my age who are neither young nor old, (or at an age that’s too old for all-night beach parties yet too young for retirement), there’s always a taste of luxury and extravagance to enjoy. Miami has countless classy hotels and residences, fine restaurants, and tasteful shops for women my age whose interest is geared towards things that shine and demand attention.

It would be nice to spend a few days or more in majestic residences that only the rich and famous could afford. Let’s recount one of my best and most luxurious experiences in Miami Beach;

my miami amazing view
My Miami amazing view.

A Taste of Luxury in Miami

I had the pleasure of staying at the magnificent Jade Signature in Miami. Jade Signature is a high-rise residential building consisting of 57 floors and 197 units with each unit having a 25-foot deep terrace and a picturesque view of the ocean. I got to stay in a nice and comfy two-bedroom unit that has a dreamy view and a bedroom that’s fit for a queen.

While staying in this luxurious residential building, I got to enjoy the 25-meter lap pool, fitness center, spa, and private resort deck. I couldn’t thank my sponsor enough for allowing me to stay in this unit for an entire week as a welcome gift.

Jade Signature reminded me of the recently-constructed V Tower in Prague. Just like Jade Signature, V Tower Prague symbolizes comfort and luxurious living. It’s the highest residential building in the Czech Republic. Each unit has its share of natural sunshine and an amazing view of the green vegetation that surrounds the building. V Tower Prague also offers the luxury, class, and timeless beauty.

For this reason, it became a dream for me to own a unit in this amazing skyscraper someday. Having experienced that same caliber of class in Miami’s Jade Signature made me realize that, perhaps and like a child’s fantasy, I can pursue my luxurious dream in this new city as well.